Corporate Training

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Corporate training on areas such as Domestic Violence Awareness, Stress Awareness, Wellbeing at Work and more ~ can increase the level of awareness managers have on potential problems at home that may be affecting your employees in their job. This way help can be offered and the victim can begin to build their life again.

The Key Programme

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Surviving domestic abuse, leaving an alcoholic or drug user can be scary. Surviving and putting your life back on track is not an easy task to undertake on your own. Our programme is for you, the survivor. We show you the road to freedom and how to be able to enjoy living again.

One to One Coaching

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One to one coaching is an effective way of helping you deal with your emotional struggles in easy, manageable steps. We can show you how to cope with problems and turn negatives into positives. Overcome what keeps you stuck and move on to new beginnings.