One To One Coaching

Are you tired of being stuck?

Regain the true and natural healthy YOU. Overcome what keeps you stuck. You really can breakthrough to the other side and make life worth living again.

Typical clients include trouble with career or relationships, emotional struggles from the past or current experiences. This intervention is deep and life-changing. You experience shifts immediately and continue to integrate the changes over the days, weeks and months following our time together. Most people report a complete shift in their outlook on health, relationships, personal growth and other areas of their life. That's the purpose of a personal coaching breakthrough session – to breakthrough the past problems and create a new and vibrant future for you.

You know the problem. You want to solve it or do you just feel stuck?

Sometimes people are just struggling with something that has no specific name or label. It's a vague feeling, perhaps of unease or listlessness, a sense of lacking purpose or maybe it even has a touch of frustration. You might describe it as begin "stuck”.

Often, people feel stuck when they reach a point of change; when they've stopped growing in a certain area of life and it's time to take action. Typically they need some assistance with interpreting the messages they are getting from inside, so that they can create a solution that feels right and launches them forward into a powerful future.

If you're experiencing this sort of problem, then a personal coaching breakthrough session is the effective way to take action. I will ask you to focus on a specific area of your life, such as:

· Health & Fitness

· Career

· Relationships

· Personal Growth

· Family

· Spirituality

Once you identify the key area that will create the most impact in your life, I go in-depth with you identify the conflicts and issues. Then I design an intervention that resolves those conflicts and supercharges that area of your life to create the change you want.

What happens?

No two interventions are the same, yet each begins alike. First you and I will complete an in-depth interview to reveal the conscious and unconscious details of the problem you came to resolve. I then design a personalised intervention for you that releases the problem and guides you to healing and resolving any remaining symptoms. Together, we discover and remove the hidden blocks to your success. This is a 8-12 hour process, usually divided into a number of sessions.

Is it right for me? What guarantee do I have?

If you're ready to get to the root of the problem and clear it out, then yes, this is right for you. I guarantee our results. When we complete the sessions in my office, I confirm that you got what you came for. You will experience an undeniable release of the old problem into new resources. The changes continue to integrate and expand as you take action in your daily life.