About Us

Sandy Marshall

Sandy is a Trainer of Nuero Linguistic Programming and a Master Practitioner. Sandy has worked with many corporate companies designing and delivering Leadership and Management Programmes. She has also been working with survivors of domestic violence/abuse for a number of years on a one to one basis which is how she developed the programme The-Key offers to survivors now.

The-Key CIC was founded by Sandy and her daughter Amanda they were both victims of domestic violence and emotional abuse for over 20 years. As a professional and following research Sandy discovered that a number of abused men and woman hide behind closed doors due to shame and guilt they feel over it. They are able to put their ‘professional persona' on in work and suffer in silence at home. In the past domestic violence had always been associated as a stereo-type problem associated with deprived areas, but times are changing, and often professional people don't actually realise they are in an ‘abusive situation' as stereo typically it happens to other people and not to them.

Sandy looked for support which could be offered on a weekend so as not to interrupt her work pattern and could not find any. Following the crisis period she again looked for support and could not find any workshops for herself or her daughter to help them move on with their ambitions and to be supported in setting goals to help them move to a more positive phase of their lives and understand about the grief associated with the divorce. Since this period of time Sandy has researched a number of support and help groups and as yet there is nothing on offer to compare with the programme Sandy has designed. It is definitely for anyone who wants to GET ON WITH THEIR LIFE and is ready to make the move from feeling guilty and ashamed of the past to a brighter tomorrow.

The Team

Our Team of Consultants and Therapists are specialists in Transactional Analysis, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse also Neuro Linguistic Programming. We have coached and worked with people who want to re-build their self-confidence since 1999.

Our Functions

The-Key has two functions, one helps victims get back on the ladder after their life-changing ordeal by rebuilding their self-esteem and confidence and setting goals for their future by attending The-Key Programme.

The second function offers training and development to organisations and businesses to develop their teams using various tools and techniques.

*The profit from the training and development function goes back into the company to subsidise the cost of The-Key Programme for people rebuilding their lives.