This has been enormously beneficial for me. I had not addressed at all before what I had been through and not come to terms with any of the emotional abuse or domestic violence.The 3 day course has really helped me to understand my emotions of anger, sadness, guilt and fear and to be able to move on with my life, to accept the past and to move forward positively. I really feel the course has given me increased confidence in enabling me to do this and increased my ability to be assertive in all areas of my life. I feel confident in my ability to make positive choices and choose positive emotions for the benefit of myself and others around me. I do feel lighter and that I have been able to let go of the ‘baggage’ and pain I was carrying around with me, which I had not been able to do before. Thank you Sandy it has been an incredible worthwhile experience.

-A Solicitor from Kendal

A rich and informative programme delivered in a supportive environment. It has created some important realisations and shifts and I have really valued the opportunity to participate on the programme. I have really enjoyed the friendships and conversations shared with others.

A Coach from Cheshire

Great food, brilliant trainer, secure supportive environment. Some of the exercises and activities were incredibly powerful, and although they were emotionally tiring the benefits I got and everyone else got are clear to see and hear in the faces and responses of the members of this group. Sandy’s course has provided a much needed solution for many women and men too. As a result of the weekend I’m going away feeling much more relaxed and focused on my life ahead. I have new friends and feel I could call on them if I needed to, but mostly they’re friends to have fun with!

A Consultant from South Wales

The weekend was very good and got a lot out of it and will definitely be using the methods in the future. I’m looking forward to moving forward with life and always improving things.

An Event Manager from Carnforth