Surviving domestic abuse, leaving an alcoholic or drug user can be scary. Surviving and putting your life back on track is not an easy task to undertake on your own. Our programme is for you the survivor. We show you the road to freedom and how to be able to enjoy living again.

You may find that your confidence is low and you are not performing your job as well as you might have done in the past. Maybe you are lonely and you feel different to everyone else and making choices and decisions is frightening for you. You may still feel guilty about your past and now rely on anti-depressants to get you through each day.

These feelings are normal after leaving your partner and regaining your self-esteem and confidence is possible. You have already taken a major decision to leave the situation and now you need the courage and strength to re-build your life. You have the skills to do it and we have the help and support you need to get you to the next phase of your life.


Why do I need help and support?

Have you left a partner due to domestic violence? Have you left a partner who was an alcoholic? Have you left a partner who was a drug user? Has this left you feeling either angry, fearful, sad and guilty, or all of them? 

If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above, The-Key can help you and it is the next step to enable you to move you to a positive phase in your life.

We have been helping people for over 20 years. During that time, we have spoken to, coached, trained and worked with people who have wanted to re-build their life for a variety of reasons, and live free from anger, sadness, fear and guilt. During this time we have identified a number of problems that come up time and time again, such as the following negative thoughts:

  • "I cannot be successful", "I'm not good enough", "I don't deserve a good relationship", "I can't do this" or "I can't do that" etc etc.
  • "I'm useless"
  • "Why did this happen to me?", "what did I do?"
  • Worrying too much about what other people think of you.
  • Worrying all the time about how useless you felt in the past.
  • Believing you will never have another relationship because of the past.
  • "I must have done something to be treated the way I was treated." 
  • "I find it hard to say no", "I'm always bending over backwards for other people, and sometimes I wonder who's really there for me"

If this looks familiar and you feel anxiety as you read it, contact The-Key

DO I need help?!

Do you feel isolated even though you have friends and family? Do you think you 'just have to get on with life'? Have you lost your self-esteem or confidence? Are you considering self-development to help you reach your goals? Are you considering or taking anti-depressants to 'get on with life'?

When you have been through a traumatic ordeal of living with someone who has not shown you respect and has whittled away at your self confidence to build it up on your own can seem like a struggle and sometimes getting your life back on track can be over whelming.


Are you the victim of constant criticism, fault-finding or put downs from your partner?

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Name Calling
Does your partner call you names or accuse you of things?

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Physical Rage
Has your partner punched walls or doors?

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Does your partner always shout you down?

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Do you feel like you're always walking on 'egg shells'?

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Are you not allowed to do things on your own? Is your partner isolating your from friends or family?

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Is your partner withholding money for food or bills, or taking it off you?

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Are you not allowed to sleep because your partner is stopping you?

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Physical Violence
Are you being slapped, punched, kicked or pushed around by your partner?

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Sexual Abuse
Is your partner sexually abusing or raping you?

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Has your partner threatened to kill or hurt you or any of the family, including your pets?

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Is your partner threatening to take your children away from you?

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If you answered yes to one or more of them, continue reading........

Domestic violence had always been associated as a stereo-type problem associated with deprived areas but recent research has highlighted that it is middle class women and men who fall victim to domestic abuse as the effect of the recession takes its toll.

Our experience shows that often professional people don't actually realise they are in an 'abusive situation' as stereo-typically it happens to 'other people' and not to them.

How we do it

The fascinating technique of Memory Resolution is very successful, fast, natural and has lifelong benefits. During the workshop and one to one sessions we will teach you how to use this remarkable technique to enable you to remove any unpleasant negative emotional feelings, negative thoughts, anxiety and stress. Imagine for a moment how that would make you feel. With ‘RUEM' you will truly be amazed at the fast results and how you are able to put the past into perspective and move on with your life in a positive and confident way.

In addition, you will discover how to change the negative beliefs you hold about yourself to positive beliefs which will enhance your life and give you the tools to create the future you want.

By changing your beliefs you change your life and it then becomes the life you want, not the life you currently have!

Then What Happens?

You will be free of the negative emotions attached to your past as the technique removes the ‘glue' which emotions are when they are attached to a memory.

When you are free of your past negative memories, the emotions and beliefs which have been holding you back and causing you to have low confidence, be a little depressed perhaps and once all the negative beliefs and emotions you were carrying around like a huge sack of coal are gone, what will you be capable of? .....

Imagine feeling totally confident and energised to create the future you want and the future you deserve, how wonderful would that be?

How would it be to be free of your emotional baggage and limiting beliefs?

What can be true for you now?

What can you achieve?

Is that something you would like? To be the success you want to be and to have the right life ‘balance' for you.